Parichay Abhigyan Society seeks volunteers for its various current activities and upcoming events. We also invite new idea proposals and suggestions. There are many ways to support Parichay through volunteering, you can choose from the following options to see which best suits you:


Parichay’s funding is almost solely obtained through selling of our masalas and handicraft items. Parichay requests you to reach your organisation (HR or CSR department) and have a word with them to allow us to put up a stall, particularly during festival periods. The children at Parichay always prepare a range of wonderful items for most festivals - such as diyas, floating candles, gel candles, pooja thaalis, torans, rakhis and several other items.

Most of us aren't able to volunteer because of the paucity of time and several other commitments that hold us back from such activities. Here's a simple gesture to reach out to masses and convey that you care for the communities around you.

Get Involved

Even if you could spend an hour with the kids or otherwise, help us with your expertise or learn new things, volunteering with Parichay will be a great experience. There are number of activities in which you can get involved:

  • Spreading Awareness
  • Teaching (Academic or extra-curricular)
  • Publishing and Editing
  • Documentation
  • Volunteer in Stalls
  • Website Maintenance


People with a flair for writing can edit the existing books and come up with new ones.

We already have some books that are being written and believe they would help us in generating funds. Illustrations for these books is an activity that requires time and creativity. This is something which can be done off-site.

Interested volunteers could also start writing small booklets on Education- or Parenting-related subjects and can review and improve the ones that had been written.

Managing Stalls

At present, we have limited volunteers available for stalls, because of this, we sometimes have to forego some opportunities to put up stalls. Volunteers could really make a wonderful contribution by getting products from us and putting up a stall in their organization. Some volunteers had done this earlier and this saves a lot of time and efforts of Parichay people involved in production.


Many developments at Parichay get noticed but remain undocumented as we don’t have anyone to document the activities here.

  • Volunteers can document these observations in the form of reports and articles.
  • Media like blogs and websites need to be updated on a regular basis.
  • Updates are posted when a supporter asks for the same. We need hands who can keep a track of the happenings and post updates on a regular basis to all volunteers, supporters, sponsors, and organizations where we put stalls on a monthly or yearly basis.

Upgrading the existing product database

Parichay has always been open to new ideas. One could contribute by training kids to create new products or even improve the existing ones. Anyone who has an interest in arts and crafts and an eye on demand-supply dynamics of the market can contribute toward devising low-investment new products.


Support the Project for special kids

  • Preparing brochures, booklets, and other aids as supporting material.

Volunteering Opportunities for Foreign Nationals

As a small and intimate organisation that gives volunteers a great opportunity to build a lasting relationship with the children at Parichay, many foreigners from all over the world, including America, Britain and Germany, have decided to intern at Parichay Abhigyan Society.

To have an idea of what interning with Parichay is like, you can visit the blogs of past international interns:

Buying our Products

You may also consider buying our products or recommend us to your friends, relatives or colleagues.