Our founder, Mr. Vijay Bajpai, is a visionary, and a firm believer in the capabilities of the youth. He believes in the power of education to uplift the underprivileged, and has strong faith in the capabilities of the kids, which has laid buried in the dirt of circumstances. At his best, when he is with children, his vision has inspired many who came in the fold of Parichay - his dream project.

His concern for the bewildering state of education levels among the children of a Tukmirpur basti (East Delhi), led him to start Parichay in a basti, where kids never attended a school, and the ones who were able to attend, were by and large demotivated given the deploratory condition of the local schools.

His compassion for the unprivileged found expression again when he felt a strong pull toward the disabled. His sense of responsibility for the disabled motivated him to seek professional guidance to help them. He got certified as a registered rehabilitation professional in the field of mental retardation with Rehabilitation Council of India. Since then, he has been working for the rehabilitation of the mentally-challenged people. His commitment to eradicate the lacunae in people’s awareness and knowledge about the causation, characteristics, and potentialities of the disabled individuals reflects well in his writings, training programs, and workshops.

One cannot help noticing Mr. Bajpai’s vibrant personality, and the possession of his humble greatness inspires one and all, who come in contact with him. His firm beliefs and determination have benefited many organizations he has been associated with. For the resource-poor environments, he has developed many cheap teaching aids, which he has been using at Parichay and would love to share with others to bring about a change in the teaching-learning paradigm.

He has had a long association with Amar Jyoti as a Resource person; and has conducted a number of awareness programs and workshops on various issues such as legal rights of women and equal opportunities for the disabled.

He has authored and edited several books, articles, street plays, poems, and songs on different issues and themes related to child development and education. The vast array of his edited work includes numerous newsletters and various publications for reputed organizations like Greenpeace and Toxic Links. He has also translated and edited issues of Newsletters published by the World Commission on Dams and course material for the Indian Committee of Youth Organization.