Established in 1998 by Mr. Vijay Bajpai for generating awareness among the communities on various issues, Parichay started its Bal Vikas Kendra (Child Development Center) in April 2000. Mr. Bajpai started working for a closed community in Tukmirpur area near Bhajanpura in East Delhi, where most kids never attended a school, and the ones who were able to attend the local state-run schools, were by and large demotivated given the deploratory condition of such schools.

Most of the families in this community do not have a regular income. Due to financial constraints and illiteracy, the parents are not able to send their children to formal schools. A major group is unaware of their rights and all sorts of social evils exist. Parichay runs a Non-formal Education program to mainstream the children in formal education and to empower them through vocational training in a number of areas.The basic aim of our recreational, vocational and academic programs is to channelize child’s creative faculties from - "Aimless to purposive, wasteful to useful, destructive to constructive and productive, quarrelsome to harmonious.”And after six years, we are happy to say that "Parichay" is rapidly achieving its objectives in all the above mentioned fields."

Starting with 9 children, we are now a family of 60 children and their family members, teachers and volunteers, who have helped us in numerous ways. Parichay's vision is to affect the personal and the social development of children, youth, and adults of the community. Till date more than 1500 kids have got benefited.

The objective of Parichay is self-sustainability with the broader aim of making the individuals more aware and dignified citizens. Parichay encourages students' participation in various activities like making of handicrafts, keeping in view the need to impart vocational education to them. Parichay endeavors to inculcate self-respect and high self-esteem to bring out the very best in them.

Parichay's Road to Self-sustainability

Parichay identified that the best way to improve the lot of the people of the community was to educate the children and women. Parichay teaches all children of the community within its fold. The basic education is provided by volunteers and two teachers hired by Parichay. Keeping an eye on the community's economic needs, Parichay engages the children in the making of handicrafts. Thus, vocational training is provided to them, which is altogether missing from the curriculum of other schools in and around the locality.

The children at Parichay are an expert hand at making items of daily use like pen stands, photo frames, folders, etc. Stalls are then organized in companies like STMicroelectronics, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, DXC Technology, Motherson etc. with the help of volunteers to market the products.

Education: Basic non-formal education is provided to all the children. Volunteers visit Parichay regularly mostly on weekends. Based on the availability of funds received from volunteers, we try our level best to merge as many students as possible, with the formal education scheme.

Special Education: At Parihcay we are educating and training the children with special needs and guiding their parents on various schemes and provisions that Govt. has introduced and implemented.

A non-formal education center, Bal Vikas Kendra, was the first thing to come up as a part of the project followed by a section to help children with special needs . About 1500 children have benefited from this program till date. This apart, Parichay has received enormous acceptance from the community. This has been on the lines of empowering the women, who  started a self-help group. This is a major benchmark as it encourages self-sustainability of the project. The funds generated from the Masala Unit, formed by women of the community, are a substantial aid to the running of centre and earning a livelihood for themselves.

Masala Unit: Masala Unit has been started with the aim of promoting self-reliance as also to provide livelihood to the ladies of the community. Women of the community have shown enormous interest in this micro-credit self-help group. Reciprocating to their enthusiasm we have provided them with mixer, grinder, chakki, and a sealing machine. youths of the community are presently involved in the masala making unit. We have formed a small team of volunteers to market the spices made at Parichay.

Handicrafts: Children at Parichay are involved in making of handicrafts. Various items of daily use like folders, potlis, photo frames, pen stands, multi purpose boxes etc. are designed and produced. All these products are environment friendly as they are made with cloth, jute or recycled handmade paper. The crafts work rekindle creativity among students while promoting divergent thinking.