John, a British national who completed his internship with Parichay last year is back in Delhi to undertake more voluntary work with Parichay. In addition to maintaining this website, John had also completed a cupcake fundraiser in London for Parichay recently.

His arrival at the project was a great surprise for all children, who had not been informed that John was coming back to India. Aside from surprising the children with a visit from their fellow Parichay family member, John had secured donations from various British retailers before coming, and aside from the money fund-raised from his cupcake stall and items bought by him, John obtained the following donations:

A £40 gift voucher from Wooden Toy Shop (, which John used to purchase a range of co-ordination related toys.

A large range of books from Kids IQ Books including children’s classics a range of books for all ages and also a range of text books.

A £20 voucher from Tesco, which John used to purchase various stationary items for Parichay.