It’s been 20 years of this journey called Parichay.. these years gave us opportunities to connect with fabulous people from different walks of life, learning a lot from their experiences:; changing many of us; helped us to  inculcate a deep sense of social responsibility; to see and to understand life through the lenses of others feeling how privileged we are to feel safe under a roof of our own and having a kitchen with pantry full of grocery.

While in the beginning of this year all of us at Parichay were planning big celebrations on 20th anniversary, we seldom knew that 2020 will pose an unimaginable crisis for the world and Parichay.
Parichay community faced two adverse situations this year and that too back to back. In the month of February riots broke out in Delhi and spread of COVID-19. Parichay is at the centre of riot hit area. Arson and terror ruled the streets where Parichay kids live with their families. The memory of those scary nights still generates cold waves through my spine. Still remember a call from one of our kids," Sir, gali ke bahar bahut saare log aa gaye hain, gali ka gate todne ki koshish kar rahe hain". (there is mob outside and they are trying to break the gate of our alley). The other one shared,"Sirji, Makan maalik kar raha hai jaldi se jaldi kuch din ke liye chale jao, aaj to bacha liya aage hum kuch nahin kar payenge, hamari koi jimmedari nahi". (landlord is asking us to leave as soon as possible as they would not be able to keep us safe from rioters)
We had to send few of the kids to their native places to keep them away from the hateful environment.  

As soon as they came back to Delhi COVID lock down made the life of our kids and their families really difficult as most of the families do not have regular source of income. They could not go to work for several months. From March to June end we collected funds and provided cooked food from Parichay community kitchen, grocery and other essential items to our kids and their family members. Can't thank you enough to Parichay supporters and well wishers who turned up on their own to provide the needed support. Our youths played the key role in relief work throughout this period.

Riots and covid 19 created a big financial crisis. Parichay had to bear unplanned expenditures and loss of revenue. Since February we have not been able to do any spices and handicraft stalls which is the main source of funds for us.

After 7 months our Handicraft and spices unit are functional now. But, we do not see any possibility of doing stalls in near future. We are trying to connect with our regular buyers. If we are able to start supplying spices at regular intervals it will be a big support for the project.

- Vijay Bajpai