To me Parichay has been a whole new experience from the very first day I met with Bhaiya. He is so much to tell and I like listening to his experiences about Parichay and about the kids.

Parichay has given a lot to me in such a small time. I feel like being part of a new family. The smile on the faces of kids make me feel good too.

The trip to Rishikesh was an altogether different experience for me. Finally i got a chance to remember the name of almost everyone I suppose by now. I tried this thing all the way round.

Enjoyed a lot during the whole trip. The fun at all the places we went was different in its own way. Made new friends and got a chance to know them.

We went to Dehradun and Rishikesh. It was so peaceful and enjoyable with the kids. Enjoyed every moment in the trip from the point we started the journey till we came back was fun.

Trecking on the way to Nilkanth was an amazing experience with Naval. Initially i wasn't at all afraid as I knew that we will find a way as we proceed but on reaching the top of the peak we realized that there was no way we could go. From that point onwards things started to get a little bit horrifying. I was afraid (to tell you the truth) of getting down as it was not easy to get down. But we were lucky to find a way as we were coming down from the top. Good luck. Then shouting as if we had discovered America as Columbus did. :)

The lunch, ride in the boat and walking besides those ghat besides the Ganga river was an amazing experience.

Then, evening was also filled with loads of masti (fun) with the kids near Ganga river and then the arti that we attended in the evening with an awesome weather was too good to be true.

The fun at lachiwala not to forget when a monkey took our chowmeen from behind :) and also the masti that we did there in the water for so many hours.

All in all I enjoyed a lot being part of all this with such wonderful people at a wonderful place. A whole new experience. Thanks to everyone who were part of it. Thank you so much all.