Children are the most precious part of human resources. Their energy, intelligence, pursuit of a shared vision & ability to work together can prove to be more fruitful in achieving the universal goal of eliminating the nuclear threat by peaceful techniques.

Let us join hands to bring the children deprived or those in the streets to the National mainstream and initiate them to lead a virtuous life duly integrated with the appropriate social institutions. Let us make our actions speak louder than words. Let us perform our duty towards children with justice and dignity. Let us together show our total commitment towards creating a joyful environment in which children can blossom and develop a harmonious relationship with the people of the world, establishing peace and prosperity.

Established in 1998 by Mr. Vijay Bajpai for generating awareness among the communities on various issues, Parichay started its Bal Vikas Kendra (Child Development Center) in April 2000 with the help of some like minded people and with 9 children in the midst of the community (Rickshaw pullers and daily wagers) it serves. Now Parichay is a family of 55 children. Till date, more than 250 children have been benefited by the project.

Parichay has selected an area called Tukhmirpur near Bhajanpura in east Delhi, where 50% of the population is living under unfavorable living conditions. Most of the families do not have a regular source of income. Due to financial constraints and illiteracy they are not sending their children to formal schools. A major group is unaware of their rights and all sorts of social evils are there. To mainstream the children in formal education and providing vocational training Parichay started a Non formal Education program.