In the last two months we have been able to conduct and complete awareness activities at school level and community level in one of the targeted areas. I am sending you a presentation giving you glimpses of a few of the activities.

In the coming two weeks there will be an orientation and training program for the surveyors & community leaders and the first phase of survey will start in area I from 10 December 2009. Before that pamphlets and handouts on mental retardation will be distributed in area I.

As a result of the awareness drive in this area people have already started contacting us with mentally disabled kids. Case histories are being prepared for such kids and counseling and guidance sessions besides assessment of the kids are going on.

Deepawali stalls

This year 16 stalls were put in 10 days in various corporate houses. Sale of Rs.1.10 lakh, almost double as compared to last year’s Deepawali sale, was recorded. This year we got a bulk order of deepawali gifts from one of the corporate houses as well.

Like last 3 years volunteers from BITS Pilani took the products on consignment basis and put them in the stall. Sale of Rs.3060/- was recorded.

Solar lights for Parichay kids

In collaboration with  Cosmos Ignite systems 25 solar lights were distributed among Parichay kids. These lights have given a great relief to the kids from the pressure of finishing their school homework and assignments before the Sun sets as electrical supply in the area is quite irregular especially at night.

With the availability of solar lights we are planning to restart night classes for working youths and women of the community which are at halt since last one year.

Solar light proved like a boon for Gyanodaya (the new centre 4.5 km away from the main centre) as that area does not have power supply at all. We are able to increase the duration of classes at Gyanodaya.

Cutting and tailoring classes

In the month of October Cutting and tailoring classes have been reintroduced at Parichay. Rani, who was trained at Parichay three years back and later was sent to do diploma in cutting and dress designing, is conducting classes for the community women. Rani has already become financially independent, she works in the handicraft unit of Parichay and does job work for an export house as well.

The classes are conducted thrice a week.

Formation of community level committee

In the month of September 2009 a “community level committee” was framed at Parichay. Members of women group, youth group and senior kids of Parichay are playing an active role as committee members. Monthly meetings are held and future plans and functioning of Parichay is discussed and responsibilities are distributed among the members for the forthcoming month. Proper record of proceeding of the meetings is kept in the meeting register.