In Nature’s order of the evolutionary process our children hold the most prestigious position. Nature in grading its creation of living beings in terms of quality, places children at the apex of the structure granting the highest position in the order of the values of living beings. Thus by virtue of holding the top status in terms of Nature’s order of value, our children have the Right of respect.  They have the right to be treated with dignity and honour. In fact they have a wider horizon to look towards, a broader base to begin life from a higher altitude to take off in the direction of their choices.

Children’s circle of horizon falls outside the adult’s circle of horizon. The gap between the adult’s circle of horizon and the children’s circle of horizon represents the so-called “Generation Gap”.  This generation gap is a natural and everlasting phenomenon between the older and the younger generations.  When the older generation refuses to see beyond the circumference of its own horizon; the trouble between the two generations begins. But the awareness of the logic behind the children’s way of responding to their environments opens up a new vista of understanding that helps us to value our children with dignity and pride.  “In fact each child is a complete self-contained system developed from the atom and the cell by an evolutionary process to the most complex form of life and mind. A child enters this world with all the potentials of the universe and built-in-systems and assets to grow”.

Considering the status and the attributes - our children bring along in this world we find that there can be nobody greater in this world than our children and children of the entire world regardless of caste, creed, religion, nationality and socio-economic level. They all bring along a universal language to use in their babyhood.  They make use of the same universal behaviour patterns to express their ways of fulfilling their natural attributes.

What they want from us is the right of respect for their status and their ways of growth right from the day they are born.         

Children are sensitive enough to feel the reflection of respect in the ways parents treat them, in the ways they hold, dress, feed, diaper, talk, play, argue, discipline and accept their point of view.

In fact, the children are born with the same valuable assets and attributes as their parents were born with. Every new generation for the full development of its valuable attributes depends on the older generation.

Thus in order to help a child to develop its built in system and for assets to grow, parents need to develop a vision and learn the required technique of how to:

  • Fathom the dynamics of a child’s personality;
  • Unlock the child’s innate system of mental and scholastic development;
  • Relate and communicate fully in line with the child’s natural process of identity development; and
  • Obtain a new vision and new techniques towards the child’s development and education during the first three stages of its development:

(a) Early childhood period i.e. Birth to six years

(b) Middle childhood period i.e. Seven to twelve years, and

(c) Teen age period i.e. Thirteen to nineteen years