John, a British national who completed his internship with Parichay last year is back in Delhi to undertake more voluntary work with Parichay. In addition to maintaining this website, John had also completed a cupcake fundraiser in London for Parichay recently.

His arrival at the project was a great surprise for all children, who had not been informed that John was coming back to India. Aside from surprising the children with a visit from their fellow Parichay family member, John had secured donations from various British retailers before coming, and aside from the money fund-raised from his cupcake stall and items bought by him, John obtained the following donations:

A £40 gift voucher from Wooden Toy Shop (, which John used to purchase a range of co-ordination related toys.

A large range of books from Kids IQ Books including children’s classics a range of books for all ages and also a range of text books. See their range at

A £20 voucher from Tesco, which John used to purchase various stationary items for Parichay.

Parichay Worldwide – London

Parichay has supporters all over the world thanks to the variety of interns that have assisted and worked with Parichay directly over the years. Many interns still continue to support Parichay after arriving back in their home countries.

John, our supporter who interned with Parichay in June-July 2012, recently sold cupcakes at a call centre in London in order to raise funds for Parichay. John spent 11 hours baking the day before and raised £80 (approx 6600 INR).

On the day of the sale, he spent around 8 hours selling cupcakes and homemade bath bombs. The staff at General Dynamics Information Technology thoroughly enjoyed his cakes, and he also obtained some extra donations for Parichay from staff members on the basis of goodwill.

John’s blog can be found at

Jay Hind!

Parichay celebrated republic day with true community spirit embodying all the ideals and values that Parichay promotes. All of the preparations were done by the senior children at Parichay in order to foster a sense of responsibility and leadership and also to enhance their management skills.

Parichay involved the wider community in the celebrations and gathered around 50 people from the local community to attend the festivities and celebrate with Parichay.

Nearly all of Parichay’s children were involved in the event, and a dance was performed by the special children. At the end of the celebrations there was a distribution of prizes to the children with sweets and treats.

Parichay Hits Jaipur!

In order to expand the children’s minds it is always good to expose them to various cultures,  languages, cuisines and traditions. India has such rich and diverse traditions, history and architecture so there is always something new to be learnt.

The senior Parichay kids set off for Jaipur around 05.30 on the 21st of December along with Vijay and project volunteers Puneeta, Naval and Suhel, and first arrived at the magnificent Amer Fort at noon. The children then had the opportunity to enjoy some traditional Rajasthani dishes:- Gatte ka Salan and Onion Kachori, along with their favourites:- Chilli Paneer, Dal Makhani and Choley.

The children then finished off the day by visiting the beautiful Birla Mandir and Hawa Mahal, followed by an evening meal and some much needed rest at a guest house.

The next day the children experienced the splendor of  Albert Hall and City Palace before making their way back to Delhi. The trip was not without a dull moment, and even included the occasional dance in the coach!

Parichay – A Dream Project

Children are the most precious part of human resource. Their energy, intelligence, pursuit of a shared vision & ability to work together can prove to be more fruitful in achieving the universal goal of eliminating the nuclear threat by peaceful techniques.

Let us join hands to bring the children deprived or those in the streets to the National main stream and initiate them to lead a virtuous life duly integrated with the appropriate social institutions. Let us make our actions speak louder than words. Let us perform our duty towards children with justice and dignity. Let us together show our total commitment towards creating a joyful environment in which children can blossom and develop a harmonious relationship with the people of the world, establishing peace and prosperity.

Established in 1998 by Mr. Vijay Bajpai for generating awareness among the communities on various issues, Parichay started its Bal Vikas Kendra (Child Development Center) in April 2000 with the help of some like minded people and with 9 children in the midst of the community ( Rickshaw pullers and daily wagers) it serves. Now Parichay is a family of 55 children. Till date more than 250 children have been benefited by the project.

Parichay has selected an area called Tukhmirpur near Bhajanpura in east Delhi, where 50% of the population is living under unfavorable living conditions. Most of the families do not have a regular source of income. Due to financial constraints and illiteracy they are not sending their children to formal schools. A major group is unaware of their rights and all sorts of social evils are there. To mainstream the children in formal education and providing vocational training Parichay started a Non formal Education program.

October & November 2009 Updates

In last two months we have been able to conduct and complete awareness activities at school level and community level in one of the targeted area. I am sending you a presentation giving you glimpses of few of the activities.

In the coming two weeks there will be orientation and training program for the surveyors & community leaders and the first phase of survey will start in area I from 10 December 2009. Before that pamphlets and handouts on mental retardation will be distributed in area I.

As a result of awareness drive in this area people have already started contacting us with mentally disabled kids. Case histories are being prepared for such kids and counseling and guidance sessions besides assessment of the kids are going on.

Deepawali stalls
This year 16 stalls were put in 10 days in various corporate houses. Sale of Rs.1.10 lakh, almost double as compared to last year’s Deepawali sale, was recorded. This year we got a bulk order of deepawali gifts from one of the corporate house as well.

Like last 3 years volunteers from BITS Pilani took the products on consignment basis and put the stall. Sale of Rs.3060/- was recorded.

Solar lights for Parichay kids

In collaboration with  Cosmos Ignite systems 25 solar lights were distributed among Parichay kids. These lights have given a great relief to the kids from the pressure of finishing their school homework and assignments before the Sun set as electrical supply in the area is quiet irregular specially at night.

With the availability of solar lights we are planning to restart night classes for working youths and women of the community which are at halt since last one year.

Solar light proved like a boon for Gyanodaya (the new centre 4.5 km away from the main centre) as that area does not have power supply at all. We are able to increase the duration of classes at Gyanodaya.

Cutting and tailoring classes

In the month of October Cutting and tailoring classes have been reintroduced at Parichay. Rani, who was trained at Parichay three years back and later was sent to do diploma in cutting and dress designing, is conducting classes for the community women. Rani has already become financially independent, she works in handicraft unit of Parichay and does job work for an export house as well.

The classes are conducted thrice a week.

Formation of community level committee

In the month of September 2009 a “community level committee” was been framed at Parichay. Members of women group, youth group and senior kids of Parichay are playing an active role as committee members. Monthly meetings are held and future plans and functioning of Parichay is discussed and responsibilities are distributed among the members for the forthcoming month. Proper record of proceeding of the meetings is kept in the meeting register.

Deepawali Stalls 2009

This year 16 stalls were put in 10 days in various corporate houses. Sale of Rs.1.10 lakh, almost double as compared to last year’s Deepawali sale, was recorded. This year we got a bulk order of deepawali gifts from one of the corporate house as well.

Like last 3 years, volunteers from BITS Pilani took the products on consignment basis and put the stall. Sale of Rs.3060/- was recorded.

Gyan Ganga Awareness Drive

Awareness programs at school level under awareness phase of Gyan Ganga project on mental retardation have been initiated and are moving in full swing in the local schools of the area. Senior kids of non formal education program, community teachers and other volunteers accompany Vijay Bhaiya to the programs.

They engaged school students in several group activities to inform themabout various types of disabilities, and how such kids need to be dealtwith. Aids like flip charts, posters etc were used for presentation ofconcepts. Various group activities are being done with the students tomake the program more interactive and enjoyable.

Besidesstudents the principal of the school, teachers and other staff membersare taking active part in various activities including groupdiscussions.

Festivities at Parichay

At Parichay religious issues are not discussed. But to move beyond close-minded boundaries Parichay celebrates all religious festival at the centre. On Friday,18th September Roza iftar party and beginning of navratri festival was organized.

The last Friday of auspicious month of Ramzan is celebrated as Alvida, which is the most important day of fasting for muslims.
‘Navratri’ is one of the most celebrated festivals of Hindu calendar. ‘Nav’ means ‘nine’ and ‘ratri’ means ‘night’. The first three days of Navratri are dedicated to Goddess Durga (Warrior Goddess) These days represent the three different classes of womanhood that include the child, the young girl and the mature woman. This idea moves on Navratri to be a social festival at Parichay rather than merely a religious one.
Beautiful traditional wall sculpture of goddess Durga with cowdung, mud, cloth and paper was made by community’s elderly ladies and senior kids of Parichay. Senior members of Swayamsiddha Mahila Samooh and elder kids cooked delicacies like potato, Brinjal, Onion Pakoras, whole gram chat, fruit chat, moong dal halwa etc. for Roza Iftar Party. Senior kids from Gyonodaya, members of Parichay youth & women group and NFE III kjds enthusiastically participated in the event.
Navratri celebration will be on at Parichay for next nine days. Kids are planning to stage Ramlila at the centre in dance drama form.

July 2009 Updates

Gyan Ganga Project

The initialisation of the project has been delayed by three months. The project was scheduled to start in the month of April 2009 as the schools in India feel free to indulge in activities only in the month of April when new session starts. The fund from AID, Pittusburg side was transferred in the month of Dec, 2008 but due to some technical problem we received the first instalment in the month of May 2009. At that time all the schools were having summer vacations.

So, we were not able to contact the schools for awareness generation programs at school level which is the first step of the project. The actual initialization of the project could take place in the month of July after summer vacations.Meanwhile during summer vacations we finalized the list of schools to be targeted, we have started contacting the targetted schools and awareness program at school level will start after 15th August only as schools are busy with prepartions for independence day celebrations.

A group of 10 adolescent boys and girls is ready to support the activities at school level.

We are ready with presentations, handouts and flip charts. A team of community workers have been finalized and the team members will attend an orientation cum training program in the last week of August.

The total budget of the project is 2.63 lakhs, we have received a support of Rs.1.52 lakhs from your side, between April and July we have been able to arrange further support of Rs.20,000/- from few of Parichay supporters. We are hopeful to arrange the rest of the fund (Rs.91,000/-) as well.

An another organization New Life Center working in the area of physical and mental disability has happily agreed to render technical support needed in our project. For assessment and referral cases of the kids with mental retardation we are trying to establish a tie up with few other organizations.

Survey of the area is the second last step of the project which will start only after completion of awareness program at school and community level.