Parichay Worldwide – London

Parichay has supporters all over the world thanks to the variety of interns that have assisted and worked with Parichay directly over the years. Many interns still continue to support Parichay after arriving back in their home countries.

John, our supporter who interned with Parichay in June-July 2012, recently sold cupcakes at a call centre in London in order to raise funds for Parichay. John spent 11 hours baking the day before and raised £80 (approx 6600 INR).

On the day of the sale, he spent around 8 hours selling cupcakes and homemade bath bombs. The staff at General Dynamics Information Technology thoroughly enjoyed his cakes, and he also obtained some extra donations for Parichay from staff members on the basis of goodwill.

John’s blog can be found at

Jay Hind!

Parichay celebrated republic day with true community spirit embodying all the ideals and values that Parichay promotes. All of the preparations were done by the senior children at Parichay in order to foster a sense of responsibility and leadership and also to enhance their management skills.

Parichay involved the wider community in the celebrations and gathered around 50 people from the local community to attend the festivities and celebrate with Parichay.

Nearly all of Parichay’s children were involved in the event, and a dance was performed by the special children. At the end of the celebrations there was a distribution of prizes to the children with sweets and treats.